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Impact of Industrial Development on City Planning and Habitat: A Case Study of Firozabad

Mohd Kashif, Syed Haris Muaaz


Habitat can be defined as the space where all living being and organism or a community spent their life with all the necessary things they need to survive in all odd situation. It is like a living place, that depends on the availability of natural resources used by the human habitat. Human habitat can be
defined as the mode of living within the space with all the necessary resources that is required to sustain the life of human being. It may be a colony or a fortified village, a town, a city, a farmland, or any type of community living spaces where people lived. Religion, culture, traditions and regional climate was
always the major factors in establishment of human habitat and its typology and there are economic, political and social factors too that affect the human establishment their type, size and planning. The aim of my study is same to understand the factor of establishment of such habitats, their types of
availability of resources and their life. The study aims to analyse a habitat typology in the city of Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, that links to bangle industry and labours associated to it. The study will focus on the various settlement elements mentioned above along with the history of the settlement.
The changes that occurred in the habitat with time and evolution through culture and religious intervention. The life of the labours and their living standards with economic factors of the bangle industry and their survival tendency. Documentation of the present condition of the dwelling units, and
changes occurred with time in architecture. The identity of the habitat and mapping of the network of humans with other humans. This study will focus on the small segment of community housing where people work in bangle industry in its various stages of job from manufacturing to designing. The study
will conclude in terms of architecture of the labour houses, how their lifestyle stands w.r.t the life style in contemporary and modern architecture world.

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