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Assessing Housing and Liveability in Northeast India

Dwijomala Hanjabam


Data are just mere numbers if we look at them in isolation. A number of data are perceived or presented as either good or bad if the focus is on only one state. One of the commonly used measure of data analysis is ranking which is sorting of data for a more holistic assessment. Ranking helps in influencing and prioritizing decision making. Northeast India apart from being considered a high value ecological hub is being explored for its potential as a gateway to South East Asian countries. These developments will impact housing and socio-economic profile of the region in the long run. A number of developments are being planned and Ministry of Development of Northeast Region was set up to overlook this. The paper attempts to analyze housing and liveability through a process of ranking using statistical tools to give an overall picture of performance of each state with respect to other states in the region. This will in turn give a good perspective of Northeast and help in prioritizing development and investment planning. 

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