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Good Practices for Preventing Ghettoization in Social Housing Projects: An Outline of the Cyprus Case

Byron Ioannou, Lora Nicolaou, Stavros Parlalis


The paper deals with the issue of ghettoization, which often takes place in social housing complexes, starting from the Cyprus housing reality. At the same time it focuses on mitigation strategies regarding: (a) Social mixing and lowing the percentage of low income groups by using design and planning decisions and through the way that the units are offered to the market; (b) The supply of adequate number of units that fulfil the middle class life style standards; (c) Building densities similar to the usual middle class neighbourhoods; d) Keeping in good condition building, green and open spaces and safeguarding their continuous maintenance and funding through institutional means; (e) Allocating social housing in areas attractive to middle class households due to geographic location (good access to working places, education, retail, services and leisure).

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