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A Study of Suitability of Prefabrication for Affordable Urban Mass Housing In India

Debashis Sanyal, Ravi Kumar Bhargava


Abstract This paper aims to point out the various aspects of prefabricated building methodologies suitable for affordable Indian housing by highlighting different prefabrication technologies, and the advantages achieved by their adoption. In Indian low rise affordable housing sector, the major building components are the foundation, walling, doors, windows, floors and roofing. These components can be easily prefabricated for ease/speed of construction and cost saving. Some total/partial system approaches are also necessary for obvious advantages of their industrialized production facilities. A case has to be presented to Indian builders and developers for adopting prefabrication, if good quality low-income group housing has to be developed, in a short time, to mitigate the increasing housing shortage. Keywords: housing, low cost, modular, prefab, system building.

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