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Approach to Residential Satisfaction Studies in Asian and African countries – A Review

Preetha Jacob, Sheeba Chander


The aim of this paper is to analyse through literature review the approach adopted in Asian and African countries with regard to residential satisfaction studies. The home creates a significant impact on human beings. The challenges faced by the housing industry range from inadequacy in meeting the needs of the end users to unsatisfactory performance. Residential satisfaction is often used as an ad hoc tool in evaluating housing projects. Satisfaction studies give an insight into the degree to which the housing has met the needs and expectations of its users. Post-occupancy evaluation approach was the most often used in residential satisfaction studies. The significance attached to the residential environmental feature is based on the problems the user experience. These variations were attributed to the disparities in economic, social and physical conditions of the regions. Both in Africa and Asia, residential satisfaction studies were focussed mainly on low and middle income categories of public housing. Literature review has found a gap for studies in India for residential satisfaction. Residential satisfaction in the private housing sector is overlooked

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