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Challenges in Implementation of Green Infrastructure in Metropolitan Cities—Case of Ahmedabad

Barma Geeta Satiram, Indrani Chakraborty, Subhrajit Banerjee


The current development issues related to rapid urban expansion and economic growth in India can be rationalized by Green infrastructure planning. Green infrastructure (GI) has been identified as a promising approach to assist cities adapt to global climate change through the supply of multiple ecosystem services. Here, we interrogate key challenges and the barriers for the effective implementation of GI. This research proposal intends to study the current urban issues with unplanned sprawling and environmental repercussions and green infrastructure for the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat State as the case study. Green Infrastructure should be as typically incorporated into the progress of urban greening of Indian cities and pursue region based approach to develop urban planning and sustainability for the town. The investment in green infrastructure not only provide scope for economic development but also helps achieving ecological sustainability effectively.

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