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Integration of Urban Mass Transit—A Case Study of Egmore Railway Station

Anuvarshini K. M., Karthigeyan D.


Integration of public transportation has been cited as one of the primary factors which enhances public transportation ridership and makes public transportation investments more viable for economic development and to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities which experience a combination of population, economic and spatial growth which results in tremendous strain in its public infrastructure and services. Chennai’s public transportation system is dominated by street-based buses and three commuter rail networks. This research aims to achieve a competent integration of public transit system in structured manner by enhancing better accessibility for the people by taking a busy place in Chennai (Egmore station) as a case study. Lack of organized interchange facilities inside and outside the Egmore Station makes it necessary to provide proper integration to different mass transit modes by way of integrating information, physical network of routes, fares etc. Integration of such modes will create paradigm to other suitable urban areas and increases the scope of smart urban transit, making it efficient for the passengers and also environment friendly.

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