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Analysis of Sun Path and Effective Shading Co-efficient using ECOTECT Software for Coimbatore

Vimal Chandrasekaran


Sun path of location depends on its latitude which creates a major heat impact on the surface of a building. This paper analyses the sun path of Coimbatore (11°N, 77°E), and its shading coefficient results as predicted by the ECOTECT software and Solar Tool. These sun path graphical presentations and calculated predictions of the shading coefficient can give a clear idea to the Architect/Designer to propose shading design, which can be cost effective, thermally resistant to reduce the heat gain and achieve indoor thermal comfort. The shading coefficients are calculated by means of simulation by the software for a room of size of 3 m × 3 m × 3 m with windows on all the facades of about 2 m width × 1.2 m height placed at a skill level of 0.9 m, which is a more applicable design in Living rooms, Bedrooms, Dining space, Foyer etc. The effective shading coefficient which is a combination of both window and the wall surface is simulated and calculated by the software all around the year for the cardinal directions and roof gives the result of amount of shading potential. The Software also recommends the optimal depth of the shading device for a typical wall and window for all the season which can be used as a guideline by the designer.

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