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An Overview of Region-Based Architecture: Case of Himachal Pradesh



India is a vast country with rich and glorious regional background which adds the necessary essence to our modern lives, faiths, and approach. The history of our nation has witnessed a blend of cultures and influences of regional variations via different dynasty controls portrayed in its architectural evolution. Indian Civilization is known and defined by the magnificence of its architectural legacy but the sorry state of affair is that it has got swayed away by the new influx of today’s world. Emerging Concepts and inventions have given a newer dimension and approach to architecture worldwide and Regional Architecture of India is witnessing a new interaction between traditional and contemporary approaches. This interaction seems to be positive superficially when the overall imageability is concerned but hints a great challenge when city’s rooted identity is looked upon. This is because of the polluted image of the city resulted in a due course of time with the loss of culture and sense of belongingness. Cities which were rich in heritage and culture have taken a blight image in today’s scenario. This sore full image needs to be addressed upon immediately and altered for the benefit of the human community at large. This paper shall basically highlight the loss of Identity of Regional Architecture in the Age of Globalization and holistic solutions related to the same.

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