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Potential of Urban Agriculture to Enhance Architecture and Lifestyle in Indian Context

Disha Rupesh Karanjawala, Debashis Sanyal


Since the dawn of humankind, there has been a need for food and shelter. As a result, human life and behaviors as a whole have evolved. But, in recent decades the world has seen tremendous growth in terms of population and usage of resources. The rapid and haphazard urbanization has caused a major loss in parts of rural agricultural lands to build urban infrastructure. India, being the world's largest population is encountering a similar issue to land scarcity for sustainable growth. Urban Farming could be a potential solution to these problems. Urban Agriculture encompasses a diverse range of activities like building integrated systems, community farming, urban livestock etc. But specifically tapping UA with building constructions can yield additional benefits. The main objective of this research is to try to establish a correlation between urban built forms and urban farming. It will discuss, how integration of Urban Farming practices in India can be done, to create green spaces for a sustainable and self-functioning ecosystem with simultaneously growing food.  It will also delve into the extra advantages of urban farming such as reducing urban heat islands, improving greenery and psychological impacts on residents. Due to the lack of awareness and experimentation done in these directions, it creates a perception of impracticality in terms of cost-benefit analysis, installation, maintenance or public acceptance. But there have been successful examples across the world, particularly in Asia. These demonstrate how the adoption of similar systems has helped in the overall growth of the economy and lifestyle of residents. Thus, this research will focus on urban farming, its types, technologies, plantations, a general overview and developing the idea of constructing urban farms in building complexes.

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